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About Jason Koerner


Jason Koerner lives to create and tell stories with his camera. He specializes in entertainment, lifestyle, travel & commercial photography.  Jason is a down to earth, easy going person, addicted to his camera, coffee and sparkling water, who grew up in the quaint countryside of Kentucky.  He started his photography passion and journey as a young lad with a polaroid and 10 frames to work with.  His style today carries on from those early film beginnings through thoughtful storytelling images.  When he is on site his ultimate desired result is to sell your brand with one frame.  In 2008,  he embarked on a 4 day solo hike through Grand Teton National Park.  It is within those mountains, his camera became his primary companion.  He moved to Miami in 2010 to bridge the passion he had for photography and a shot at making it his life long career.  His desire is to build relationships.  His goals are to build archives for his clients down to the finest detail. Available for assignments worldwide out of Miami Beach.  Let’s create stories together by reaching him at

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